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We Say No

We always wanted our platform to be a source of happy stories. Inspirational stories. Stories of love and sharing of joyful experiences. However, we feel this one is too important to ignore.

We are devastated by Nikita Mazepin’s actions and his treatment of women. Additionally, we are upset with the way the matter has been handled.

However, in saying that, we are thankful to see so many journalists and fans in joining us in opening speaking out against what has happened. Seeing high profile media personnel openly speak about this topic and not defending the situation is providing us with some hope.

This is an awful topic. It is triggering for many women and men and it’s something that we had hoped we’d never have to write about or publish.

It is only right to say that our heart goes out to every single person that has been impacted by Mazepin’s actions. Please know that you are not alone and we will always support you.

Mazepin, as a Formula 1 driver, should use his large social media following to make and share positive messages - or no messages at all. The fact that he thought it was acceptable to post that video is abhorrent. To know that he’ll be in the F1 paddock next year, surrounded by women, is a very sobering and unsettling thought.

Women in motorsport often have to overcome adversity to get to where they are. We’ve heard countless tales of drivers and team personnel who’ve faced sexism, inappropriate behaviour and, sadly, even assault.

We truly feel that with all the efforts to try and make motorsport a more inclusive place, this should extend to the people even at the very top.

If you have a sexual predator driving a Formula 1 car then this defeats the object.

We want to see more females involved in motorsport and we want them to feel safe in that environment. We would like to see justice being done in order to make the paddocks a safer place for future generations.

We understand the value and importance of money, but it deeply saddens us that in this case the money is worth more.

Formula 1 has raced in 2020 under the slogan “We Race As One”. But with Hamilton being investigated for supporting a human rights matter and the sport refusing to make a comment on Mazepin, we are saddened to feel that this is not the case.

We will continue to speak out against injustice and we will use our platform to promote and support women in motorsport.

Things are changing, but evidently just NOT quickly enough.

Until that day comes where the relevant people are punished appropriately for their wrongdoings, we will keep fighting.


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