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Chloe Grant: “The ultimate goal is Formula 1, there is no plan B”

Chloe Grant is a determined teenager karter who aims to make it on the world motorsport stage.

After claiming her first title – East of Scotland 2019 Champion – she is excited to see what the future holds for this Scottish racer.

 “I am over the moon with my first championship win,” Chloe says. “There’s something that little bit more special about winning at your home club.”

Chloe branded it a tough race, making her delighted to have done so well. 

13-year-old Chloe has raced Honda Cadets in the East of Scotland Non-MSA Championship finishing third in 2015 and runner-up in 2016. Chloe progressed to the MiniMax class in 2017, competing at the East of Scotland Kart Club, where she won the Non-MSA Championship.

In 2018, Chloe completed again in the MiniMax class. This year, Chloe joined the Junior Max grid and also applied for her Motorsport UK licence.  

Chloe’s sister Lucy also races, so she was at a race track most weekends from the age of six and was keen to give it a go herself. Her family borrowed a Cadet kart for Chloe to try out, and the following year, she received a Honda Cadet kart for Christmas.

“I was still too young to race, but I got to scoot around on the practice days!” she says.

Chloe entered her first race aged nine and loved every moment of it. At the end of that season, Chloe was presented with a Newcomer Award. 

Most racers, and even motorsport fans, have a favourite track where they’ve either raced or watched a race. Chloe’s favourite is Rowrah in Cumbria.

“It was such a fun circuit to race, with long straights, wide and tight bends and chicanes too,” she says. “The club were really helpful also. Next year, however, we will be travelling more…so you never know, I might have a new favourite next year!” 

To be able to compete so successfully, you need a brilliant team behind you who can provide all the support needed. For Chloe there would be no racing without her dad, who has been a huge support from travelling up and down the country, to bringing the bacon rolls to the tent.

Despite her success so far, Chloe has faced some setbacks.

“I’ve had people say that because I’m a girl, I won’t win or make it beyond karting,” she says. “But I know that’s not true! Boys and girls are both capable of succeeding in the same field. It just makes it feel more fantastic when I do earn a trophy!”

However, now she lives by her own mantra. “If you think you’re gonna like it, you’re gonna love it! Whatever may be standing in your way is only a hurdle,” she says.

When asked if she looks up to anyone in the motorsport community, Chloe chose two individuals that had made an impact on her. The first was Ayrton Senna, who Chloe described as “an incredible driver”. 

Chloe’s second choice was Susie Wolff, who she admires. Chloe believes that Susie’s Dare to Be Different initiative has “opened a lot of eyes to the opportunities within the industry for young girls to aspire to”.

Chloe certainly has big dreams for the future! She would love to race in the W Series – Chloe was invited to attend the season finale at Brands Hatch and she thought it was amazing and is something she would love to be part of in the future. However, her eyes remain on one series in particular.

“Obviously, the ultimate goal is Formula 1 – I don’t want a plan B!’  she says.

You can follow Chloe’s success on Facebook and Twitter.


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