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Meet Beatrice Lerose, Vehicle and Tyre Dynamics Specialist at Pirelli Motorsport

Photo credit: Pirelli Motorsport

Working at the cutting-edge of innovation and technology in motorsport is a dream for many but, for Beatrice Lerose, Vehicle and Tyre Dynamics Specialist at Pirelli Motorsport, it is a reality.

Females in Motorsport recently spoke with Beatrice on her journey into the motorsport industry, her varying responsibilities working on Formula 1 and other single-seater series, as well as her experience of working at Pirelli Motorsport.

We began by asking Beatrice about her career progression into the industry, from her time in university to where she is today. Having graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Beatrice did not shy away from emphasising her passion for STEM subjects and motorsport from a young age.

“From the very first day at school, I got passionate about STEM subjects and I was looking for a job that could allow me to make the most of this aptitude,” she says.

Beatrice’s passion for both STEM disciplines and motorsport was evident throughout our discussion, and it is no surprise that she sought to pursue her career in the intersection of these passions.

“Motorsport, especially in its pinnacle, Formula 1 of course, opened a highly technological world to me, one that seeks excellence through continuous improvement and the most extreme optimisation,” she says. “Working in motorsport also gives me the opportunity to collaborate with highly-skilled and passionate people in every field, who give me the chance to constantly test myself, raising the bar higher each time.”

After graduating from her Master’s degree, Beatrice immediately entered the automotive world, working as a freelance engineer for a number of years, building up her skillset on testing and simulations. Following this period, in 2020, Beatrice was offered the opportunity to join Pirelli Motorsport which she happily accepted.

“For me, tyres are a highly fascinating and complex component that is especially crucial in motorsport,” she says.

The daily activities for those working in motorsport are often widely varied, and for Beatrice it is no different. For this reason, a ‘typical day’ is hard to define.

Together with her Pirelli Motorsport colleagues, Beatrice works on a multitude of activities relating to a tyre’s performance data.

“For example, the analysis of the data we are seeing from telemetry, simulation, indoor tests and even laboratories, and modeling to support the design, improvement and prediction of a tyre’s performance and the simulation themselves,” Beatrice says.

Photo credit: Pirelli Motorsport

The outputs of this work are hugely important to the running of a Grand Prix weekend, with Beatrice applying her critical interpretations of the tyre’s data results to relay their performance expectations for a particular race weekend.

“The purpose of this work is partially to provide design with indication of product improvement and development, and partially to predict the performance of the tyre under different conditions before it is actually used on a track,” she says.

Unsurprisingly, Beatrice’s weekly schedule is heavily reliant on whether a Grand Prix is taking place that week, with work commencing much earlier leading up to a race weekend.

These weeks leading up to the race weekend are punctuated by procedures established by Pirelli in agreement with other parties. The work begins “with analysis and simulation work to predict the behaviour and performance of the tyre in that specific track under different possible scenarios”.

During the race weekend itself, there is extreme pressure and stricter timelines to meet, but with established procedures that help ease this process for Beatrice and her colleagues.

“I check the tyre on track is used according to the prescription given before the event and that the performance expectations are aligned,” she says. “Once the event is finished, I deal with the dedicated records and analysis according to what has happened during the weekend.”

Photo credit: Pirelli Motorsport

Not only has working in a highly-challenging and ever-changing STEM field been pivotal to Beatrice’s career progression, but so has working for Pirelli Motorsport.

“Pirelli is a very flexible company that allows dynamic experiences and supports its resources,” Beatrice says. “Undoubtedly, growth in the company is driven by talent and constant commitment to daily activities. A lot of importance is given also to training, with the company offering periodic technical and other courses to increase the knowledge.”

Working for Pirelli Motorsport continues to be exciting for Beatrice, who hailed one of the most exciting elements as working alongside top industry experts to work on a product that is designed and developed for the world’s fastest and highest-performing cars and drivers.

“At the same time, also having the opportunity to actively discuss with all the internal departments that work on each project such as simulation, testing, factory and the track-side group that follows the product on-track,” she says.

When asked what skills a suitable candidate for an R&D Internship should possess, Beatrice provided helpful insights.

“A suitable candidate for this R&D Internship should have the willingness to learn and challenge herself with critical thinking,” she says. “Also key is the ability to work in a team, attention to detail and of course passion for STEM disciplines and motorsport. Our work is also very varied, so a good ability to multitask and pay attention to deadlines is essential.”

Offering advice for potential candidates, Beatrice suggested: “I would recommend having a desire to continuously improve herself with a proactive approach. Curiosity towards the world of R&D and the desire to engage with the ever-changing field such as motorsport.”

We are delighted to announce that following our conversation with Beatrice, we are opening up applications for a second internship with Pirelli Motorsport, an R&D Internship position based in Milan, Italy (please see terms & conditions below).

Pirelli Internship Opportunity at Pirelli Motorsport R&D Department, supported by Females in Motorsport.

Following our interview with Beatrice Lerose, Females in Motorsport is proud to announce that Pirelli Motorsport is partnering with us to promote an internship opportunity at Pirelli's HQ in Milan, Italy.

The first selected entrant will spend six months in Pirelli Motorsport R&D Department and will closely work with our Team on motorsport activities, including data analysis, develop and manage virtual models and applications, with the ultimate goal to provide at product designers clear feedback and hints to make better racing tyres. Reporting to Tyre Performance Team Leader, the ideal candidate will work in a dynamic environment, collaborating with other working groups, such as testing department, trackside engineers and product designers.

Pirelli will offer a monthly allowance to help with living expenses as part of this internship programme. We kindly ask you to record and upload a video where you tell us about yourself, your passion for motorsport, and why you want to achieve this opportunity. Please submit this as an unlisted video on YouTube, a Vimeo link or embed it in a Google docs/equivalent. We ask

that your video is no longer than 120 seconds.

If you're interested in entering this selection, please read the requirements you must fulfil. If you don't meet the criteria, we will be unable to accept your application at this time.

In order to enter the selection, we kindly ask you to fill this form and to upload all documents requested. The competition will be open until October the 31st and the winner will be selected before the end of November.

Please read below all requirements needed. We kindly ask you to enroll only if your profile checks all the boxes in order to smooth the selection process.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Candidates must live in Italy and recently graduated at any EU university. A Proof of studies, at least at a Master's Degree level, will be required as mandatory.

2. Entrants can be graduated at master's, doctorate etc.

3. Entrants must be graduated in the field of Engineering.

4. By submitting your CV, you consent to your data being shared with Females in Motorsport, and with Pirelli Tyre S.p.A. "(Pirelli") both acting as. independent personal data controllers.

5. The deadline for submitting your CV for Pirelli Motorsport R&D Department is at 23:00 (GMT) on the 31st October, 2023.

6. Pirelli will contact directly the selected Candidates no later than November 30th 2023 using your contact details they provided in the CV

7. If you are selected by Pirelli, you will be required to partake in reasonable publicity with Females in Motorsport, Pirelli and other media partners.

8. Females in Motorsport and Pirelli Motorsport may publish and publicise your name, image, social media handle and/or profile picture, and your entry, and we may refer to your association with the competition, in any and all media, worldwide, in perpetuity, for publicity and PR purposes.

9. We may film, photograph and/or record you in connection with the competition and we may use such film, recording and/or photograph(s) for publicity and PR purposes in any and all media, worldwide in perpetuity.


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