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R&D Moto Racing  Internship application

We're delighted to offer one successful applicant a R&D Moto Racing Internship with Pirelli Motorsport at their Milan (Italy) HQ.


Please complete the form to apply for the Pirelli Motorsport R&D Internship Opportunity by the 9th of February 2024.

Please note, you must be currently living in Italy and fluent in English in order to be considered for this position. Full terms and conditions must be read here before applying.

Please ensure you have read the full T&Cs displayed on the Pirelli Internship Opportunity at Pirelli Moto R&D Racing Department blog post. In order for us to view your documents and application, please upload your 120-second video as an unlisted item on YouTube. Submit the video URL, CV and cover letter (all in English). You must submit all three documents.

Successful candidates for the next stage will be contacted in February.

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